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Republocrat - can $7.50 enhance your view?

Article by   October 2010
Carl Trueman, reformation21 regular and Alliance Council member, explores the idiosyncrasies of modern American politics and stimulates a new Christian approach in his new book Republocrat. An excerpt includes the introduction by Peter Lillback of Westminster Theological Seminary and a sample... continue

Sinclair Ferguson comes to Central PA

Article by   September 2010
News from our friend, Steve Burlew at Banner of Truth Trust,What: Reformation Mini-ConferenceDate: Friday, Oct. 29Time: 6:45 p.m.Place: Grace Baptist Church, Carlisle, PASpeaker: Dr. Sinclair FergusonFor attendees there is no cost, registration, or need to RSVP, and there will be no offering... continue

Alliance Council member Gene Veith on Vocation

Article by   August 2010
When you understand it properly, the doctrine of vocation--"doing everything for God's glory"--is not a platitude or an outdated notion. This principle that we vaguely apply to our lives and our work is actually the key to Christian ethics, to... continue

"Our Great God and Saviour" - part three - The Church of God

Article by   August 2010
This week we have extracted a few jewels from Eric Alexander's new book. We have seen 'The Character of God' and 'The Salvation of God'. This is the last part of Our Great God and Saviour is titled 'The Church... continue

"Our Great God and Saviour" - part two - The Salvation of God

Article by   August 2010
Alliance Council member Eric Alexander's new book from The Banner of Truth Trust, Our Great God and Saviour, continues into a second section titled "The Salvation of God." Its messages include "Regeneration: Beginning with God" (John 3), "Justification: The Glorious... continue

"Our Great God and Saviour" - part one - The Character of God

Article by   August 2010
Our Great God and Saviour by Eric Alexander arrived at the Alliance offices, or at least on my desk, just last week. It is as pastoral as Eric himself. This collection of messages is from the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed... continue

"Our Great God and Saviour" by Eric Alexander

Article by   July 2010
Rev. Eric Alexander, Alliance Council member and long time speaker at the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, has just released "Our Great God and Saviour" with The Banner of Truth Trust. While Rev. Alexander always told me he was no... continue
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