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A World of Riches

Article by   April 2011
As Colin Hansen recently reported in a Christianity Today article, in some biblical translations, selected vocabulary has been removed to eliminate cultural stumbling blocks. [1]   For example, missionaries in the 1980's replaced familial language for ostensibly less offensive terms... continue

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Adoption and the Image of God

Article by   March 2019
When I was in my early 20s, I met a college friend of my parents for the first time. After a short conversation, she smiled and commented, "You're just like your dad!" She wasn't just referring to my appearance,... continue

"Great kindness; great mercy": Augustine on adoption

Article by   August 2014
Augustine's second homily on the Gospel of John offers one of the richest commentaries on John 1.12 that I have read. His explanation of what it means for God to give us "the right to become children of God" is... continue

The rebel and the king

Article by   June 2014
(I first posted this about two years ago, but it seems germane, so I am going over the ground again.)Consider the man born into a family of terrorists. The man's father had rebelled against the King of the kingdom in... continue


Article by   January 2013
The apostle John had seen many wonderful things in his life. He had lived alongside the Christ for three years, testifying that if all the things that Jesus did "were written one by one, I suppose that even the world... continue

The rebel and the king

Article by   May 2012
Consider the man born into a family of terrorists. The man's father had rebelled against the King of the kingdom in which he lived, and - having so rebelled - all his posterity were brought up to hate and fight... continue

Christ the Center PCRT Discussion

Article by   May 2011
Our good friends at Christ the Center very kindly did some broadcasts from PCRT Philadelphia last weekend. Click here to listen to the crew discuss Biblical manhood and womanhood. A great addition to a great event!... continue

There was a Girl. Fifteen Years Old: An Adoption Story

Article by   April 2011
NOTE: Our guest blogger is Rev. Charlie Abbate, pastor of Cornerstone Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Ambler, Pennsylvania. "Well what's going to happen to her?" I asked.  "You know what'll happen to her," my wife answered back.  "Then we're going to... continue

Joel Beeke: new book on adoption

Article by   May 2008
    Joel Beeke has just published a new book, Heirs with Christ: The Puritans on Adoption. You can also watch a video of Joel talking about the book, here  ... continue
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