Blogs by Iain D Campbell

Blog 239: 4.19.33 - 4.20.1

Article by   December 2009
Marriage has been instituted by God, but it is not a sacrament. Many are the good things which God has instituted, but that does not make them sacraments, which are, by definition, signs and ceremonies to confirm God's promise to... continue

Blog 206: 4.13.18 - 4.14.3

Article by   October 2009
Calvin concludes his discussion on vows by discussing a misinterpretation of 1 Timothy 5:12 regarding widows who married, and whom Paul accuses of abandoning the faith. Calvin's view of this passage is that they renounce the promise of their commitment... continue

Blog 206: 4.13.11 - 4.13.17

Article by   October 2009
The corruption of monasticism in Calvin's day is evidenced by the boastful promise of perfection, and of a superior spirituality. When men boast that they are in a state in which they aspire to perfection more than others, and people... continue

Blog 205: 4.13.4 - 4.13.10

Article by   October 2009
Calvin's third principle for biblical vows is the mind in which such vows are undertaken. God looks on the heart. Calvin sees only four ends to which vows may legitimately be taken: to give thanks for God's goodness, to make... continue

Blog 204: 4.12.25 - 4.13.3

Article by   October 2009
In this section of the Institutes, Calvin addresses too issues that demonstrate the prevalence of corruption in the church. First is the issue of clerical celibacy. The insistence that priests remain unmarried has, says Calvin, 'no only deprived the church... continue

Blog 203: 4.12.19 - 4.12.24

Article by   October 2009
Calvin is here dealing with the subject of church power and discipline, and resumes his consideration of the subject of fasting. He has a marvellous three-point directive to ensure that fasting does not degenerate into religious superstition. First, we must... continue

Blog 154: 3.21.6 - 3.22.3

Article by   August 2009
God's sovereign election of Israel as a means of blessing to the world also included a delimiting decree, by which individual Israelites were chosen to be heirs of salvation. The conditionality of the covenant was a means by which individual... continue

Blog 153: 3.21.2 - 3.21.5

Article by   August 2009
From prayer Calvin has turned his attention to predestination, a subject which many naively assume to be the cornerstone of Calvin's theology, if not the sum of it. It is interesting that he should raise the subject at this point;... continue

Blog 152: 3.20.48 - 3.21.1

Article by   August 2009
Calvin discusses the adequacy of the Lord's prayer as a binding rule for his people. It is a summary both of what is acceptable to God, and what, consequently, is necessary for us. To add to this, or go beyond... continue

Blog 151: 3.20.45 - 3.20.47

Article by   August 2009
The remaining petitions deal with all that pertains to our spiritual life, and Calvin sees a correlation between them and the nature of the new covenant. The promise of God in the covenant to forgive the sins of his people... continue
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