Blogs by Guy Waters

Blog 40: 2.1.1 - 2.1.4

Article by   February 2009
Calvin proceeds from "The Knowledge of God the Creator" (Book One) to "The Knowledge of God the Redeemer in Christ..." (Book Two). Calvin begins Book Two with a meditation on self-knowledge (2.1.1-3). Why begin an exposition of "the Knowledge of... continue

Blog 39: 1.18.3 - 1.18.4

Article by   February 2009
Calvin takes up two further objections to the biblical doctrine of providence. First, "if nothing happens apart from God's will," does it not follow that "there are in him two contrary wills because by his secret plan he decrees what... continue

Blog 38: 1.17.12 - 1.18.2

Article by   February 2009
In this section, Calvin responds to an objection to and clears a misconception about the biblical doctrine of providence. Calvin responds to those who say "that the plan of God does not stand firm and sure, but is subject to... continue

Blog 37: 1.17.8 - 1.17.11

Article by   February 2009
For Calvin, the biblical doctrine of providence is not a matter for idle speculation. On the contrary, "ignorance of providence is the ultimate of all miseries; the highest blessedness lies in the knowledge of it" (1.17.11). In this section, Calvin... continue

Blog 36: 1.17.3 - 1.17.7

Article by   February 2009
In this section, Calvin mentions individuals who draw unwarranted inferences from the providence of God. One false inference is that means do not matter. One might say, "if God has unchangeably set the time of my death, then what does... continue
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