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Falling Skies: Chicken Little and American Evangelicalism

Article by   March 2009
I thought I would add yet another postscript to the "sky is falling over American evangelicalism" conversation.  I think what Phil ends his post with is worth saying again.  So I will, just adding a bit.  Fundamentally, American evangelicals can... continue

CVT in B&C

Article by   March 2009
Congratulations are in order to our very own Sean Lucas and to D.G. Hart and to John Muether, editors and author respectively of the Cornelius Van Til volume in the American Reformed Biography series by P&R.  Richard Mouw has a... continue

Augustine on Glory

Article by   February 2009
I have been doing some work on the glory of God recently and came across this quote from Augustine in The City of God.  It's lengthy, but worthwhile to ponder.  It seems that the question of where glory resides, or... continue

Poor Derek

Article by   January 2009
So Derek's in New York?  Not to instill within him a spirit of envy (Still a ly sin? Or, was it downwgraded to venial?), but I just so happen to be in Spanish Wells, Bahamas, speaking at a conference with... continue


Article by   December 2008
While having lunch with one of my students, Ed, I asked him about his family.  His mother, he told me, was the only sister to six brothers.  This is interesting enough, but then he told me she's actually one of... continue

Shocked . . .

Article by   November 2008
. . . and dismayed.  DT won't learn from a Unitarian?   Where's the love?... continue

Some reasons for giving thanks

Article by   November 2008
Though it's an American holiday, there is something to being reminded to be thankful. Here are some reasons from Psalm 111.  ESV, of course.    1 Praise the Lord! I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart,in... continue

Pocket Packer

Article by   November 2008
And one more book from my friends at Crossway (referencing back to my ETS books post).  I picked up J I Packer's Affirming the Apostle's Creed, which is taken from his Growing in Christ.  Crossway has also published Praying the... continue

ETS books

Article by   November 2008
This past week I was up in Rhode Island at the national meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society.  In between attending a few great papers and bumping into people, I also had a chance to pick up a few books. ... continue

A Four-Year-Old and the Presidency

Article by   November 2008
On Wednesday morning I watched my four-year-old son (the same one who raided Carl Trueman's candy dish) watch news footage of America's first black president.  I don't think he thought to himself, "That's a black man."  He just saw him... continue
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