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Race and the Roots of the Presbyterian Church in America, no. 1

Article by   February 2015
Over at Justin Taylor's blog at the Gospel Coalition, I contributed to a historians' forum that sought to answer certain questions on southern evangelicals and their failures on Civil Rights. My answer particular focused on southern Presbyterian conservatives, many of... continue

Pastoral letter no. 3

Article by   January 2015
My dear friends:One of the things that was hard about living in St. Louis were all the gray, semi-cold winter days. We would go four or five days in a row with those kinds of days--lower 40s, gray, not raining,... continue

The Top Ten Books that I Read in 2014

Article by   December 2014
This is the time of year when book lists come out. Mine is a little less ambitious than others in part because I don't try to confine my reading to what is new. Sometimes I go on "kicks" where I'll... continue

A Thoroughly Reformed Book on Prayer

Article by   December 2014
This morning, I finished reading Tim Keller's new book, Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God. I very much appreciated the book--I read it a chapter at a time during my morning worship times and found myself reminded of much... continue

Pastoral Letter no. 2

Article by   December 2014
My dear friends:I hope that you are enjoying these Christmas sermons on John's prologue. I certainly have enjoyed doing a deep-dive into the text, both to see how John expresses the Good News of Jesus' incarnation in such a compressed... continue

The Uncommon Generosity of Richard Mouw

Article by   December 2014
I have always enjoyed reading Richard Mouw, former president of Fuller Seminary, long-time faculty member at Calvin College. I was reminded how much I enjoy him this morning when I read his little book, Called to the Life of the... continue

Pastoral Letter no. 1

Article by   December 2014
My dear friends:One of the best books that I've read this year is a new one written by a friend of mine, Steve Garber. For many years, Steve has served as the principal of the Washington Institute, which has had... continue

We're Back

Article by   December 2014
Not that anyone missed me, of course. But after a two and a half year hiatus, I've agreed to reboot my contributions to the Reformation21 blog. I especially happy to share this space with my RTS colleagues, Bruce Baugus and... continue

Seminaries and Spiritual Formation: Restatement

Article by   August 2012
I'm so grateful for my friend Carl's reply. It appears, perhaps, that I was a bit too subtle in the single point that I was trying to contribute, so I thought that I might take another run at it more... continue

What are Seminaries For?

Article by   August 2012
I have enjoyed the exchange between my fellow church historians (and pastors) Carl Trueman and Michael Haykin on spiritual formation and seminaries. I wanted to make one brief observation on the exchange and it centers on what seminaries are for... continue
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