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Genesis 1: Plenty of Rooom on the Slippery Slope

Article by   October 2009
Derek cites a Dutch professor, Ellen van Wolde, who is presumably of liberal persuasions, for her novel assertion that bara in Genesis 1 does not mean "create".  But is this really much different from the tactics currently en vogue in our... continue

Tim Keller's Review of Willow Creek: What About Gospel Clarity?

Article by   October 2009
Our poor friend Tim Keller suffers the fate of having his every word parsed over a thousand times, which is the inevitable result of the vast influence his every word exerts over the Neo-Evangelical, Young, Restless, and Reformed.  For this... continue

Trinity and Salvation

Article by   September 2009
In my sermon on John 14:16-17 last week, I introduced the important topic of the Holy Spirit as the "other Paraklete".  I talked at some length about how the Spirit carries forward Christ's work as the Spirit Anointed Messiah in... continue

Does the PCA Permit Duncanesses?

Article by   June 2009
Our church has been enjoying a terrific Vacation Bible School (thanks to our ladies!).  We have especially enjoyed the musical contributions of Lig Duncan's mom, wife, and the wives of his two brothers.  I have dubbed them the "Duncanesses".  But... continue

Judgment of Believers in the Westminster Standards

Article by   June 2009
In my most recently published article on Ref21, Five Arguments Against Future Justification According to Works (see part 2 here), I expressed the position that the judgment of believers in Christ on the last day will consist only of reward and... continue

Why I Signed, Too

Article by   May 2009
I thank Carl for providing the link to the Church of Scotland on-line petition, which I signed yesterday.  Like Phil, I thought it was well-written and compelling.  I think there are some good matters for reflection here, including points already... continue

Working Over or Sitting Under the Word

Article by   April 2009
Derek, I too am preaching through 1 Samuel.  In fact, I was up late last night reading probably the very same commentaries you are reading.  I also find that if you want doctrinal insights and applications, you need to look... continue

Congratulations to Sean

Article by   April 2009
Let me add my congratulations to Sean Lucas, and to First Presbyterian Church of Hattiesburg, MS, for his call to their pulpit.  I am always delighted when our best men go to the pulpit, because preaching is always the first... continue

Twitter Church -- Too Funny!

Article by   April 2009
If you don't know about the Tominthebox news network, you are wrong.  An example is this spoof about a Twitter church.  It is too funny (and just a bit scary), especially this classic comment: "We don't need to actually get... continue

The Soul of Longshanks Speaks

Article by   March 2009
I will take Carl's gratuitous appeal to Prov. 26:4 as a concession of defeat to my unimpeachable visual evidence.  (I didn't think such pitiful argumentation qualified for scholarship in England.)  Moreover, since our friends Ligon (South Carolina Scotsman) and Derek... continue
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