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The long shadow of sin

Article by   May 2012
Frans Bakker in his book 'Praying Always' reflects on David and Bathsheba and states, 'The Lord sometimes causes the consequences of sin to remain, even though forgiveness has been granted. Thus he keeps his people humble. A bitter aftertaste is... continue

In my imagination I like to think of Jesus as .................

Article by   April 2012
The Guardian is a national newspaper and in Friday's edition you have this article 'Was Jesus Gay?' It is an awful piece and you wonder whether they would have had the guts to publish something similar on Mohammed. What strikes... continue

Carl Trueman is the new Ian Paisley

Article by   April 2012
It is saddening for me to see Carl going the way of the great Ian Paisley. He who was always on the outside, raging against the status quo, who refused to be controlled, when he's offered a seat at the... continue

Carl, Platty and the magic mystery tour bus

Article by   April 2012
I think we're all enjoying Carl's climbdown over the celebrities, now kissing the hands he once used to bite. I've not got a dog in this fight, I don't even know most of the people at the conference. David Platt... continue

Our boys in York

Article by   April 2012
The IPC (International Presbyterian Church) is minuscule. We're barely surviving. Our website is down at the moment because we forgot to renew the domain name and at one point were advertising Viagra. But there are very good things happening and... continue

What do you believe?

Article by   April 2012
I was brought up in a church that didn't have a written liturgy. That's not to say there wasn't a liturgy. The argument that we have no set liturgy is ever so slightly ridiculous. Can you imagine getting up and... continue

Meet and Greet with Carl and the gang

Article by   April 2012
Carl Trueman is available to sign autographs after the morning session of T4G today and you can have your photo taken with Carl if you are willing to make a donation to the IPC Ealing building fund.... continue

Jeremy and the Easter Bunny

Article by   April 2012
I love the fact Jeremy is in Zambia, has limited opportunity to go on the internet and so posts.........a quote telling us off for celebrating Easter Sunday!!! I have a massive Cadbury's Cream Egg waiting for him on his return... continue

When you love the Masters too much

Article by   April 2012
I love the Masters I can't play golf to save myself but there's something about the US Masters that's just addictive, however my good friend Jonny Gibson has taken it to a whole new level, preaching while dressed as if... continue

Forsaken by God

Article by   April 2012
My God, My God why have you forsaken me - Matthew 27:46Jesus was forsaken of God in all things. There is not one token of God's dealings left for Him. There is not one beam of sunlight permitted to shine... continue
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