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Preaching Matters

Article by   October 2012
''St Helen's Bishopsgate an Evangelical Anglican Church in the heart of London have launched an excellent new monthly video series 'Preaching Matters' designed to equip, inspire and encourage all of us who teach God's word. It's out on the first... continue

Get Connected

Article by   September 2012
''Connected - Living in the Light of the Trinity'' by Sam Allberry is an excellent introduction to the practical outworkings of the Trinity with regard to humanity, gender, the church, prayer and worship. I found myself underlining and making notes... continue

The wonder of Children's story bibles

Article by   September 2012
Children's Bibles by and large are pretty terrible when it comes down to accuracy but the Big Bible storybook occasionally takes it to a whole new level. I was reading to my son the other day the story of Mark... continue

A hymn for when life is not terrific

Article by   September 2012
At the risk of treading on Jeremy's turf may I recommend the following hymn written by my good friend and colleague Peter Dickson of Trinity Church Aberdeen. It can be sung to Coe Fen (which is a bit tricky at... continue

You cannot be yourself by yourself and preaching Romans

Article by   September 2012
I'm preaching through Romans and cannot speak highly enough of Christopher Ash's 'Teaching Romans' and James Philip's  'The Power of God'. I wouldn't say they are all you need, buf if all you've got is them you won't go far... continue

Harnessing technology!!

Article by   September 2012
Whilst Carl is linking to stuff I thought I'd join him. An RP minister sent me this, rarely have we seen technology harnessed to such good effect. Exclusive Psalm singing Presbyterians at their very best here. There surely are times... continue

The pulpit in the clown

Article by   September 2012
I take Jeremy's points in his post and wholeheartedly agree with them. I would want to add a counterpoint though. I do think one of the dangers we face as young men (I'm 35 and hanging in there)  is often preaching... continue

The joys of Presbytery

Article by   September 2012
The last few weeks have been somewhat frantic, hence my lack of blogging output. As you can imagine the Ref 21 inbox is going crazy, 'Where is Levy?' they ask. It's one of the most popular requests behind 'Where can... continue

Once you've hit gold......

Article by   September 2012
This is one for high achievers who've won gold and then find there's nowhere to go. I remember talking with Carl after T4G and him recounting the same........ CRT - '' Levy, I've been on stage with the big four, done... continue

Is this guy the new General Sedgwick?

Article by   September 2012
There are tired sermon illustrations which we've all heard before and then there's General Sedgewick! 3 times in 2011 we had guest preachers who began their sermons with his famous last words. The story goes if you don't know it... continue
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