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Generous congregations and hard working ministers

Article by   June 2012
Over the past few weeks I've been asked on three occasions about ministers and contracts and pay rates. It is a tricky subject and in each situation it was fraught with tension and frustration on both sides. There will be... continue

You can't argue with the numbers

Article by   May 2012
Numbers, numbers, numbers, It's our favourite book of the Bible as conservative evangelicals. We all love numbers: "How many people go to your church? How many people are on your team? How many downloads have you had on your sermons?"... continue

The best funeral sermon my mate's ever heard

Article by   May 2012
A friend of mine last year attended the John Stott memorial service in Melbourne. He said to me it was the best funeral/ memorial sermon he'd ever heard. I printed it out but never got round to reading it until... continue

The bald leading the bald

Article by   May 2012
Last week I went to the local chicken shop. It's not the premier brand of chicken shopand is run by some of the most unhygienic men in the UK. The owners, however, are very friendly and they were very excited... continue

Video killed the Seminary star

Article by   May 2012
The Ref 21 switchboard is jammed with calls ''when do we get the Carl Trueman's video with Jim Packer?'' the people are asking and so I googled Carl Trueman videos and noticed stylistically there's been lots of changes in my good... continue

gathering a core or stealing the sheep?

Article by   May 2012
We are in the full flush of a church planting frenzy here in the UK. It's a great thing that so many gospel churches have been planted in the last 10 years and over that we rejoice. There's no doubt... continue

The long shadow of sin

Article by   May 2012
Frans Bakker in his book 'Praying Always' reflects on David and Bathsheba and states, 'The Lord sometimes causes the consequences of sin to remain, even though forgiveness has been granted. Thus he keeps his people humble. A bitter aftertaste is... continue

In my imagination I like to think of Jesus as .................

Article by   April 2012
The Guardian is a national newspaper and in Friday's edition you have this article 'Was Jesus Gay?' It is an awful piece and you wonder whether they would have had the guts to publish something similar on Mohammed. What strikes... continue

Carl Trueman is the new Ian Paisley

Article by   April 2012
It is saddening for me to see Carl going the way of the great Ian Paisley. He who was always on the outside, raging against the status quo, who refused to be controlled, when he's offered a seat at the... continue

Carl, Platty and the magic mystery tour bus

Article by   April 2012
I think we're all enjoying Carl's climbdown over the celebrities, now kissing the hands he once used to bite. I've not got a dog in this fight, I don't even know most of the people at the conference. David Platt... continue
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