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5 great things about America

Article by   November 2012
I've been in the US for the past two weeks travelling round on a world domination tour trying to raise funds for a new building project. I don't understand much of what has been said to me and I know... continue

Preaching still Matters

Article by   November 2012
St Helen's Bishopsgate have their latest 'Preaching Matters' videos. David Cook of Sydney gives an introduction and outline of Acts and William Taylor finishes off Luke. The photo in the still at the start of the video makes David Cook... continue

Why Paedobaptism leads to Presbyterianism! (or at least should!)

Article by   November 2012
Ben Williamson teaches at Johannesburg Bible College and works for Melville Union Church, in a previous life he was one of my first interns at IPC when I was even more clueless than I am now. As everyone knows there... continue

An answer from FIEC

Article by   November 2012
Over at Dissenting Opinion John Stevens has responded very graciously and at length to my challenge posted yesterday. I'll respond later but I think the question I'm left with is, is it possible to be an ''independent conviction paedo-Baptist''?, do... continue

Gay Marriage: How should the church respond?

Article by   November 2012
Stephen Clark has written a very helpful and thoughtful piece on how the church should respond to gay marriage looking at the issue biblically and in the light of history....Augustine's 'City of God', 1662 and the act of uniformity, Wilberforce... continue

A question for FIEC?

Article by   October 2012
It's been too long since I've baited FIEC. John Stevens, Andy Patterson, Trev Archer and Richard Underwood are the four wise men of FIEC. All four were local pastors doing a great job and got promotion to become directors of... continue

James Philip on Romans online!

Article by   October 2012
James Philip's notes on Romans have been put on St George's Tron website. These are his daily bible reading notes which contain virtually all in the commentary (The Power of God), but are probably a little expanded in places.... continue

An invite to the Eccentric Ministers Conference

Article by   October 2012
Admittedly it's somewhat wrong to be publicising a conference on Ref21 that Carl Trueman isn't speaking at but we'll give it a go.......The Eccentric Ministers Conference held in the greatest city in the world! We live in a visual age;... continue

Preaching Matters

Article by   October 2012
''St Helen's Bishopsgate an Evangelical Anglican Church in the heart of London have launched an excellent new monthly video series 'Preaching Matters' designed to equip, inspire and encourage all of us who teach God's word. It's out on the first... continue

Get Connected

Article by   September 2012
''Connected - Living in the Light of the Trinity'' by Sam Allberry is an excellent introduction to the practical outworkings of the Trinity with regard to humanity, gender, the church, prayer and worship. I found myself underlining and making notes... continue
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