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More Goodness Showed To Us Than to Christ

Article by   January 2016
Christians affirm that God is good, but just how good is God? We can speak of him being "infinitely good" but that still doesn't help the person in the pew much. People need specifics.Is it possible that God could show... continue

Legalism in the Southern Baptist Convention (Alcohol)

Article by   January 2016
If there's one thing I dislike a lot more than antinomianism, it is legalism. Legalism has many forms, and very often can come across as sanctimonious, which is why it is so lethal. Legalism often rears its ugly head in American... continue

Defending Wilson?

Article by   December 2015
Most of the time we should ignore the ugliness on twitter where people say or imply things that simply don't deserve a response. But occasionally one needs to draw attention to the silliness that goes on from time to time,... continue

Lay up Treasures (i.e. People) in Heaven

Article by   December 2015
Soon many will begin re-reading the Bible from cover-to-cover throughout the year. This is a practice I heartily commend. But there's another practice that has been immensely beneficial to me as I've read portions of God's word in recent times. As... continue

Plagiarism? Berkhof Copying Vos

Article by   December 2015
From Muller's preface: "In the preface to the two volumes of Reformed Dogmatics, dated October 31, 1931, Berkhof notes his use of Bavinck but registers especially the importance of the theology of Geerhardus Vos to his own development." Louis Berkhof has... continue

The Mystery and Glory of the Incarnation

Article by   December 2015
We come to that time of year when many Christians celebrate the incarnation of the Son of God. In thinking about and meditating on the incarnation, below are some truths to keep in mind.  The incarnation has been called the miracle... continue

Of the reading of many books...

Article by   December 2015
"There are two motives for reading a book; one, that you enjoy it; the other, that you can boast about it." - Bertrand RussellI've noted, with some degree of envy, the lists of pastors and others who speak of their... continue

Top Ten Denominations of 2015

Article by   December 2015
After our post on the Top Ten Seminaries in 2015, we bring you the top 10 denominations of 2015.Separate Category:PCA Progressives: "Denominations" are so 1990s. They transcend denominational boundaries. Disqualified: Southern Baptist Convention: Two Words: Steven Furtick.ACTS29: Two words: Meyers Briggs. As... continue

Top Ten Seminaries of 2015

Article by   December 2015
Here at Reformation21 we skip the best books of the year and instead give you the "Top Ten Seminaries of 2015." All of these seminaries provide a good theological education, especially when compared to what one finds in the rest... continue

When Calling Someone A Heretic...

Article by   November 2015
What makes someone a heretic? This topic may be more important than we might think, especially in the world of online discourse. There is a distinction between willfully committing a soul-destroying heresy and committing a theological error. To call someone a... continue
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