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Tiger's New Religion

Article by   February 2010
The only question I have about this article is whether or not it was written by Carl using a pseudonym.... continue

Phil's Word to the People of Tenth

Article by   February 2010
Let me join in the congratulations. Wheaton is deeply blessed to have as its eighth president a man of Phil's integrity, caliber, and godliness.If you have not yet seen it, below is a video of Phil addressing the congregation at... continue

Y 2 K?

Article by   January 2010
For an answer, see David VanDrunen's new book.... continue

Disparaging without Knowledge for the Pleasure of Social Approval

Article by   December 2009
Here's a great quote from Marilynne Robinson's essay on "Puritans and Prigs" in The Death of Adam: Essays on Modern Thought (p. 153):"The way we speak and think of the Puritans seems to me a serviceable model for important aspects... continue

Luddites Unite!

Article by   December 2009
Some rare footage of Steve Nichols as a college student has recently been released on the internets: continue

Modern Reformation

Article by   November 2009
Russell Moore on what Martin Luther might think about the situation of many of our evangelical churches today:Hardened rebels against God rest easy in a prayer said at Vacation Bible School, or a card signed at confirmation class. And guilty... continue

The Post-Reformation Digital Library

Article by   October 2009
Here is "a collection of resources relating to the development of theology during the Post-Reformation / Early Modern era (ca. 16th-18th c.), hosted by the H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies of Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary."HT: @LigonDuncan... continue

Jacob Arminius (1560-1609)

Article by   October 2009
Jacob Arminius died 400 years ago today. Guy Davies takes a brief look at his life and theology.HT: David Reimer... continue

Semper Reformanda

Article by   October 2009
In the latest issue of Tabletalk Michael Horton looks at the origin and meaning of an often misused slogan.... continue

Why Churchless Christianity Doesn't Work

Article by   September 2009
Katie Galli at CT interviews Kevin DeYoung about his recent book (co-authored with Ted Kluck), Why We Love the Church: In Praise of Institutions and Organized Religion.... continue
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