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I've done my sermon prep, but....

Article by   February 2010
Maybe it's something to do with the friends I have on Facebook, but some of them are very keen to let the world know the point in the week when they have completed their sermon preparation. I think I know... continue

Westminster Assembly Project

Article by   January 2010
The following announcement has been made by Reformation Heritage Books: The Westminster Assembly Project and Reformation Heritage Books   The Westminster Assembly Project, best known for the edition of Assembly minutes and papers to be published by Oxford University Press, has... continue

How (not) to be an American Missionary in Scotland |

Article by   January 2010
My colleague David Robertson has updated and re-published an article reflecting on cross-cultural mission. That is a nice way of saying that he has a lot of criticism of (some) American mission work in Scotland. The points he raises are... continue

Vos on the Incarnation

Article by   January 2010
"The whole incarnation, with all that pertains to it, is one great sacrament of redemption" (Geerhardus Vos, Biblical Theology, p88). Discuss.... continue

Rules for Writing Well

Article by   January 2010
some basic rule's of grammar to which we would all Do well to adhere, to:26 Golden Rules for Writing Well 1.Don't abbrev. 2.Check to see if you any words out. 3.Be carefully to use adjectives and adverbs correct. 4.About sentence... continue

In the Palace Beautiful

Article by   January 2010
A happy and blessed 2010 from Bonnie Scotland. I have been dipping again into Pilgrim's Progress, and was very moved by the passage in which Bunyan describes Christian being entertained in the Palace Beautiful, situated between Hill Difficulty and the... continue

New from Spurgeon...

Article by   December 2009
Just when you thought that everything written and preached by C.H. Spurgeon had been published, along comes this volume from Day One PUblications, publishing 45 sermons for the first time in a gathered volume. C.H. Spurgeon's Sermons Beyond Volume 63 is... continue

The John Murray lecture on Assurance

Article by   December 2009
Under the auspices of Highland Theological College, Principal Donald Macleod of the Free Church College delivered the annual John Murray lecture on November 20th. This lecture is well worth hearing, and can be downloaded on the website of Greyfriars Free... continue

Day One Travel Guides - Travel with John Calvin

Article by   November 2009
Calvin material continues to appear throughout this anniversary year (sounds like I'm starting a poem, but I'm not). This is a plug for the latest in Day One's series of 'Travel Guides' - Travel with John Calvin, written by Ken... continue

The secret of Jotham's power

Article by   October 2009
One of the benefits of having children studying and working in Glasgow is the opportunity to spend time with them, and accompany them to Dowanvale Free Church. Today we heard an outstanding sermon by Rev Kenneth Stewart on the words... continue
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