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Luther (Easter Week, 1529) commenting on Christ's prayer, "Father forgive them..."

Article by   April 2007
"There are two kinds of sinners. The first are the evildoers, who do not believe, and the arrogant saints. The second are those who believe in forgiveness through Christ. We are indeed sinners but under the shadow of Christ's merit... continue

R. C. Sproul reviews N. T. Wright

Article by   March 2007
Don't miss R.C. Sproul's review of Evil and the Justice of God in this issue.... continue

New Edition of Ref21 coming today!

Article by   March 2007
Check back later today for a new edition of reformation21. It includes articles by Carl Trueman and Michael Travers on the Psalms and much more.... continue


Article by   March 2007
It would be in poor taste to point out to Carl, especially on his birthday, that the headlines on the BBC news site this afternoon reads, "Resurgent Wales see off England" alluding to the Welsh Rugby Union victory (27-18). One reader... continue

Weather warning

Article by   March 2007
Jeremy Smith's article in this issue ("Petrolium Pundits") has provoked a stormy protest. See "We Get Letters" page.... continue

Saint Patrick was Welsh

Article by   March 2007
Many scholars assert, de rigeur, that Saint Patrick (Patricius or Padrig) was born in the still Welsh-speaking Northern Kingdom of Strathclyde of Romano-Brythonic stock around 385 AD at a place called Bannavem Taberniae (Banwen), but the best of them maintain this a... continue

Cézanne to Picasso

Article by   March 2007
Just back from a few days in Chicago. Managed a quick tour of the "Cézanne to Picasso" exhibition at The Art Institute of Chicago. Took the "Admission Free on Tuesday" option, to mingle with the plebs! No point in paying... continue

Men's Health and Mortification

Article by   March 2007
Rodders, Del Boy sent me an SMS from the local barber's shop. He's been reading that monthly journal for men called Men's Health (December 2006)-- never seen it myself, you understand. Anyway, he was reading this article on some dude... continue

Meilaender unimpressed by Wright

Article by   March 2007
Gilbert Meilaender, who holds the Phyllis and Richard Duesenberg Chair of Christian Ethics at Valparaiso University, scorches N. T. Wright in the current issue of First Things (Februray 2007). For once, it's not his assertions on Paul and the New Perspective that... continue

William Wilberforce

Article by   March 2007
My wife and I went to see the Wilberforce movie last (it had all the feel of a Baptist Prayer Meeting inside the theater with folks wearing suits and ties and the average age, well, my age!). It was hugely enjoyable,... continue
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