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The problems of translation -- a post-Wittgenstein problem

Article by   November 2008
  When government officials e-mailed for a translation of the words "No entry for heavy goods vehicles. Residential traffic only" what came back was the Welsh equivalent of "I am not in the office at the minute. Please send any... continue

There's a reason why I like Steve Nichols...

Article by   October 2008
Steve, we share a common disinterest in sports!  Sadly, I knew all about the Phillies since my wife is a baseball obsessive! She has said to me several times already "there's no more baseball now until Spring Training in March." ... continue

Light All Around

Article by   October 2008
Ligonier Ministries have just released a CD (here) of the Master's College Chorale (conducted by Dr. Paul T. Plew), called Light All Around. It also includes Dr. R. C. Sproul narrating sections of the book of Revelation. Simply wonderful!... continue

Grove Chapel

Article by   October 2008
For those following Mark Johnston's series on the Apostles' Creed on ref21, you may be interested in a new web site for the church where he has been ministering for more than a dozen years in London: continue

Together for Adoption

Article by   October 2008
Our friends in Greenville have drawn my attention to the "Together for Adoption" Conference (November 1, 2008) at which our own Rick Phillips will be speaking. Other speakers include Dan Cruver, Russell Moore, Carl Robbins, Maridel Sandberg and Tullian Tchividjian.... continue

Banking on an upturn...

Article by   October 2008
I had lunch yesterday with a dear friend who knows a thing or two about economics. He's an accountant by profession and I couldn't resist asking him a few pointed questons about "the economy." I uttered a few soundbites: "Did... continue

Nichols is Getting the Blues

Article by   September 2008
  It's all very well for Trotter to boast of a free copy of Steve's new book, Getting the Blues. Nice one!  But i bought my copy mate just to add to Steve's 401K! Now, my claim to fame... continue

Gospel Ministers

Article by   September 2008
In a recent radio program with Ligon, we were talking about a hymn by the Anglican Bishop, William Walsham How (the hymn was, "O Word of God Incarnate"). In the course of our conversation we came across this quotation (cited in... continue

Thabiti Anyabwile (2)

Article by   September 2008
More insights into Matthew 10 this morning as Thabiti (and correctly spelled this time!) Anyabwile continued his missions address at RTS Jackson this morning. Among the gems were the following: "Ease or diss-ease is not the measure of how much... continue

Thabiti Anyabwile on Missions

Article by   September 2008
As promised here are some of the details from Thabiti Anyabwile's first address on missions at RTS Jackson this morning:   Speaking from Matthew 9:35-38, he divided the passage into four sections: 1) Jesus' work 2) Jesus' compassion 3) Jesus'... continue
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