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Another podcast...

Article by   December 2008
Looking for good preaching?  Mark Johnston, whose articles on the Apostles' Creed have been running here at Ref21 for the past 6 months, preaches at Grove Chapel, Camberwell in London.  The church recently signed up with itunes for a weekly podcast.... continue

Discussion on the atonement

Article by   December 2008
Our friend Martin Downes has alerted me to the following discussion on the atonement, particularly penal substitution and Christus Victor with Mike Ovey and Andrew Sachs here.... continue

Odds and Ends

Article by   December 2008
First, for lovers of Milton, the BBC (Radio 3 -- the best classical radio channel in the world, no question!) are having something of a love-fest during December-January. The radio programs are all available for listening up to seven days... continue

O dear...

Article by   December 2008
I have just come across a blog by "Jeffrey" who describes himself as having been an evangelical Christian until April 2008 until, that is. Christianity "failed the insider test."  Sad as this is, his latest blog lists five books which he... continue

William Grimshaw

Article by   December 2008
William Grimshaw of Haworth in Yorkshire, born 14 September 1708, was regarded by J C Ryle as one of the three greatest men of the eighteenth century Evangelical Revival; the other two being John Wesley and George Whitefield. Evangelical Press... continue

50 Greatest Carols

Article by   December 2008
This month's BBC Music Magazine (Dec 08) contains a fascinating piece on the "50 Greatest Carols." Over fifty choir directors from some of the prestigious cathedrals and music schools in Britain were asked to choose their top five. There are... continue

Ryken on Christ the Center

Article by   December 2008
Phil Ryken was interviewed by our friends over at Christ the Center.  You can listen here.... continue

Silence of the Lambs

Article by   December 2008
It's official: T4G has gone deep and not a peep has been heard from them in months.  Rumors are they have fallen out and are not speaking. It's all revealed here.... continue

Checking the Pulse of Evangelicalism

Article by   December 2008
Ligon Duncan was the guest on Al Mohler's radio show this week. You can listen to it here.... continue

Torrance and the Incarnation

Article by   November 2008
Like Steve, I too have recently acquired T. F. Torrance's The Incarnation: The Person and Life of Christ (IVP, 2008), but the work on Springsteen (why would I want to read something written by a unitarian?). It's far too early for... continue
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