What Does It Mean to Enter God's Rest?

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This month the Alliance is pleased to offer its latest book, Entering God's Rest: The Sabbath from Genesis to Revelation (And What It Means for You) by Ken Golden.

God provides rest for His people, yet the way we rest on Sunday remains a divisive issue in the Church. How can we honor the biblical commandment while upholding liberty of conscience? To answer that question, Pastor Ken Golden turns to the Bible itself.

Ken writes, "The world offers many definitions of rest, but Christians should consider God's definition of rest...God gives us physical rest (Prov. 3:24) and refreshment (Mk. 6:31). Yet the Bible goes much deeper than our shallow definitions...Is Sabbath observance a 'one size fits all' practice, or is it informed by specific circumstances?"

We encourage you to order Entering God's Rest this month for a special introductory price. Available at ReformedResources.org.

"Pastor Golden is one of those who takes the Lord's Day seriously, who has thought about it deeply, and who desires to observe it, in honor of Christ and for the welfare of the church... His study is exegetically careful, theologically balanced, and spiritually edifying."
David VanDrunen
Westminster Seminary California

Title: Entering God's Rest: The Sabbath from Genesis to Revelation (And What It Means for You)
Author: Ken Golden
Pages: 112
Publication Date: September 2018
Topic: Christian Living, Redemptive History, Worship

Chapter 1: The Goal of Mankind
Chapter 2: The Mosaic Sabbath
Chapter 3: Levitical Sabbaths
Chapter 4: Sabbath Attitudes
Chapter 5: Fencing the Sabbath
Chapter 6: Sabbath Transfer
Chapter 7: Sabbath Liberty
Chapter 8: Present and Future Rest
Chapter 9: Sabbath Wisdom
Appendix I: Summary
Appendix II: The Sabbath in Isaiah

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TOPICS: Rest, Sabbath

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