Fractured and Divisive - Called to Live with Hope

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As many are conflicted or unsure of the proper response to the outcome of the recent election, one thing is certain, Christians are poised to love and serve their neighbors as they work to bring peace and reconciliation.

The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and its contributors impact the culture and show the Kingdom in meaningful ways.

One example is the partnership between reformation21 contributor and Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology chair, Richard Phillips' Second Presbyterian Church congregation and Stacey Mills' congregation of Mountain View Baptist Church. In many ways to two congregations represent two very different communities in the southeastern United States. But the friendship between Phillips and Mills has opened the door to a partnership that exposes both congregations to Christians that are different from themselves. Yet they've developed friendships across denominations and, more importantly, across racial lines, which are key in giving Christians the opportunity to love like Jesus loves.

The Alliance, through its many resources like reformation21, equips Christians to carry out the love and work of the Gospel in their everyday lives.

Our culture is fractured and divisive, but Christians are called to live with hope even amidst suffering and the unknown. The Alliance is honored to play a part in helping Christians live with hope and integrity in this challenging time.

Read a fuller account at World Magazine.

Posted December 6, 2016 @ 8:09 PM by Robert Brady

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