The Cambridge Declaration: Alive and Kicking

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Twenty years ago, in April 1996, the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals held its first major meeting of evangelical scholars. The Cambridge Declaration, first presented at this meeting, is a call to the evangelical church to turn away from the worldly methods it has come to embrace, and to recover the biblical doctrines of the Reformation. Out of that first meeting came seminars and a book of essays, Here We Stand, which further addressed the points of that call.

20 years later, it's worth asking:
  • Is the Protestant Reformation over?
  • Aren't the five Reformation solas a footnote in religious history with little to no bearing on modern ministry and life?
  • Is the Cambridge Declaration still relevant?

We think it is and we're doing something exciting about it!

We're working on a new book, edited by Michael Johnson, with the following authors:
Michael Horton
James Boice (previously published content)
David Wells
Aimee Byrd
Carl Trueman
(and others)

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Posted April 12, 2016 @ 5:57 PM by Robert Brady

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