Did You Miss This Year's PCRT?

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"The Alliance is a tremendous blessing to me! Through the annual PCRT conference in Grand Rapids and the related books, CDs, and videos, I am greatly encouraged in my ministry leaderships, as well as in my own personal spiritual and theological growth. I'm so thankful to have resources like this to help me connect with like-minded brothers and to freshly inspire my heart as I seek to keep growing in my knowledge of the Word and in my commitment to proclaiming it faithfully to others. Thank you for all that you do!" 
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PCRT 2015 audio is now available for those that missed the conference.
God's gift of sex and marriage are inseparably joined in God's creation design. However, what is the purpose? What is the pattern? Why does it matter so vitally that Christians pursue biblical marriages? 

Were you not able to make it to this year's PCRT? Or perhaps you did, but were blessed with the teaching? Well, the 2015 PCRT audio is now available in MP3 and CD formats! 
Plenary Sessions 6 MP3 messages on 1 CD: $6

Seminar Sessions 5 messages on 5 CDs: $30 

MP3 Anthology 15 MP3 messages on 1 CD: $15
The Gospel and the Song of Songs

Listen as Iain Duguid helps us understand what the Song of Songs is, what it teaches us about living wisely in this world, and how it points us to Christ and the Gospel.
Pre-Conference Sessions 4 messages on 4 CDs: $24

Pre-Conference Sessions 4 MP3 messages on 1 CD: $4

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Posted June 2, 2015 @ 7:45 PM by Robert Brady
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