Yet another study bible!

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I do not own a study Bible, if you send me one I will send it back.

I don't like Study bibles at the best of times. To be in a small group bible study with someone who has a study bible is nigh on unbearable. Anyone who has them will testify to just how very easy it is to do no work of preparation on the text. I want to say as clearly as possible and even as loudly as possible 'NO MORE STUDY BIBLES'. Surely we don't need them, there have been at least 3 published in the last year and although I'm sure they are not bad in and of themselves  whether they actually help people read scripture I would argue is highly debateable.

The latest published to much aplomb is from the Ligonier stable -  'The Reformation Study Bible'. I received the email this afternoon announcing that it had arrived. The email told me that the contributors were men that RC Sproul trusts and the usual reformed luminaries are contributing but surprisingly Tremper Longman III is amongst the  group.  Tremper has taken a break from accusing Westminster Seminary on Facebook and denying historical Adam to write for Ligonier.  Anyway if you like Study Bibles go get em.

As proof I give you the perennial blurber of Study Bibles verdict, Ref21's very own Mark Jones 'this is the best study bible by far.'

I should also say that the good and great of evangelicalism disagree with me on study bibles as you can see from the endless endorsements.
Posted March 16, 2015 @ 6:16 PM by Paul Levy
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