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The Alliance wishes to resource the Church in as many ways possible. We do this daily through our broadcasts, podcasts, web sites, events, and many physical resources. But sometimes we are able to directly resource our members and today is a win-win-win - well a won-won-win! As a result of being in Minnesota, we have given away an iPad loaded with many audio and print resources. See that announcement below. Don't miss our Reformation Society of Indiana event coming at the end of this month, with Philip Ryken and David Apple. See their special offer to deacons. We have also given away copies of Not Just a Soup Kitchen. See that announcement below as well.

Thanks to P&R Publishing, the Alliance Event's publishing partner, we have copies of Rick Phillips Gospel of John Commentary. Rick, as both author here and series editor of the Reformed Expository Series, provides this go-to resource on the Gospel of John that combines expert biblical exegesis, Reformed doctrine, and practical applications. Plumbing the depths of the Fourth Gospel, Rick offers a redemptive-historical analysis exploring John's presentation of Jesus' ministry, His evangelistic mission to the world, and the certainty of our salvation due to the sufficiency of Christ's sacrifice. Just three free copies! Sign up for free copies!

Reformation Society of Indiana
Growing a Heart for Ministry
October 31 - November 1, 2014
Speakers: Philip Ryken, David Apple
Second Reformed Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis, IN

Online registration is available or you may call the church office at 255-7557.  Dr. David Apple's new book, Not Just a Soup Kitchen, is off the press!  Every ordained deacon who pre-registers for this free conference will receive a free copy of the book that weekend - just add the title "Deacon" to your first name in the online registration form.

Winners of free copies of Not Just a Soup Kitchen by David Apple are:
Bryan W, Whitehall MI
Rachel C, Bloomington IN
Ford M, Ridgeland MS
Kathy H, Concord CA
Core, D, Walker MI
Charles S, Philadelphia PA
Matt T, Salem VA
Rudy D, Colorado Springs CO
Jeff O, Margate FL
John B, Watha NC

The iPad winner from Alliance exhibit in Minnesota is Herly V. of Rochester, MN

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Posted October 23, 2014 @ 5:08 PM by Robert Brady

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