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1. Since I have been vocal when I disagree with him, let me commend Mark Jones' most recent blog post here at Ref21 as good medicine.  I'll resume the merciless beatings of P&R theology at some point in the future; that post is a place we can agree to agree.

The_Three_Caballeros.jpg2. I know there have been official statements explaining the birth of the Mortification of Spin blog, and the spin-off of Aimee, Todd and Carl (note the cardinal ordering) to their own franchise, but the question has come to me (as if I engineered the change), "Where are all those great articles Aimee wrote for Ref21? Why can't I find the post where Trueman labelled you 'Sollozzo'?"  The answer is simple: when Ref21 created the MoS blog, it transferred the authors from this blog to that blog, so all their archives are not no longer here, but are completely and utterly there.  It's confusing, and it destroyed all your links in old blog posts to those wise words, but that's how the internet works.  You can find everything the Three Caballeros have written there rather than here -- because now that I am blogging here, of course they don't want to be associated with this blog.

Posted October 22, 2014 @ 7:44 AM by Frank Turk

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