Jesus Life of Prayer by Jonathan Master

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Jesus was a man of prayer.  Regardless of how mysterious this is in light of our understanding of God's Triune nature, it is nonetheless undeniable that Jesus spent much time praying to the Father.  We see this throughout His earthly ministry - from beginning to end.  Howard Marshall provides a helpful introduction to this theme when he writes, "...Jesus did everything that was normal for a Jew  and more..."  In other words, the gospel writers take for granted that Jesus prayed several times a day, as was the Jewish custom.  That normal two- or three- times a day habit of prayer is a given.  Therefore, to quote Marshall again, "When prayer is mentioned by the Synoptic evangelists, it must be for special reasons, and we are entitled to ask in each case why."  What is highlighted in the gospels are the additional times, the moments and seasons that go beyond the normal religious observance which can no doubt be assumed.  In other words, Jesus was surely praying multiple times a day just as a matter of course.  But his life of prayer did not stop there. Continue at Place for Truth.

Posted September 5, 2014 @ 8:10 AM by Robert Brady

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