Coming Soon: Reflections on Calvin's Genesis Commentary

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Many thanks to the fine folk at Ref21 for inviting me to contribute to the website.

I'm intending to launch, in a day or two, a series of posts reflecting upon bits and pieces of Calvin's Genesis commentary. Several weeks ago I decided to read through the entirety of Calvin's commentary set--not so much in the interest of learning more about Calvin's theology or approach to exegesis (though that in itself would be rewarding); more as an exercise in reading Scripture in the company of a trusted friend and teacher who has many more and far deeper insights than I into Scripture's meaning and relevance. 

Thus far I'm only a few chapters into Genesis, but it has already been an immensely rewarding experience. So I hope to share with readers of this blog some of the insights Calvin has into the biblical text that I've found especially intriguing and/or edifying. I won't be offering a comprehensive account or even an overview of Calvin's interpretation of every chapter and verse. I'm intending, rather, to pick out certain thoughts and themes expressed by Calvin--thoughts and themes which I find illuminating, sobering, comical, etc.--and bandy them about a bit.

So, thanks--in advance--to anyone who cares to follow along. And thanks again to the Ref21 folk for bringing me on board as a contributor. I count it a real privilege.
Posted August 8, 2014 @ 8:19 AM by Aaron Denlinger
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