Purity and Peacemaking by David Hall

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God's benediction rests on you (you'll have true happiness) if you are pure in heart. This blessing is not bestowed upon the intellectually keen or emotionally pious, but on those pure or clean in heart. Like poor "in spirit" pure is modified in this blessing by "in heart"--thus it does not refer to being ceremonially or morally clean. The heart, according to biblical imagery, is the center of the entire person. Thus we will be happy if the center of our whole person, the power plant or control central, is single-mindedly pursuing God. That's the way to be happy. Purity of heart "may be defined as undivided affections, sincerity, genuineness, Godly simplicity. It is the opposite of subtlety and duplicity . . . purity of motives and intents." Pure means unmixed, un-combined, unadulterated.

Here's a quick test of this singleness in purpose or purity in heart. "What do you think about when your mind slips into neutral?" To what do you pay consistent or inordinate allegiance? What do you want or love more than anything else? If the answers were God and his Kingdom, that is an evidence of being pure in heart. If not, maybe we need him to make our hearts pure.

Posted July 1, 2014 @ 2:19 PM by Robert Brady

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