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I know that Carl did his best to welcome Mark Jones as our newest contributor to reformation21. I was not sure Mark was left feeling comfortable with that 'welcome' but he did come back (and came back jumping right into the fray too)! So we all look forward to more from him.

Should you not know of Mark, you can visit his church web site to learn more and listen in as he preaches God's Word. You can also see his latest book with P&R Publishing.

And in order to give you a better impression of Mark, we have a few copies of Antinomianism to give away.

Should you need a copy right away or more copies, visit ReformedResources.org.

Also, the winners of our previous book giveaway included:
William B, Glenside PA
Jeremy C, Wylie TX
Ray Fowler, Plantation FL
Russell H, Bangor MA
Omar J, Temple Hills MD
Jeff M, Wake Forest NC
Scott R, Wake Forest NC (totally random!)
Jason S, Fishers IN, and
Nancy W, Charlotte NC
Posted June 5, 2014 @ 5:38 PM by Robert Brady

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