Update on the Insider Movement with David Hall

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This just in: the Bible answers the question about how converts in hostile countries are to bear witness to Christ: Publicly. That, at least, is what Jesus said in the first Gospel.

Underneath all the missiological mumbo-jumbo and artful dodges--often asserted by Western theoreticians ensconced by comfortable tenure, grants, and libraries--we ought not forget that our Lord answers this question in red letters. To acknowledge Christ means to be unashamed of him. Jesus thought that would be good for us in every generation and in every culture, even if persecution occurred. Calvin said that, "there is no believer whom the Son of God does not require to be his witness."[1]

But perhaps, modern movements are tempted to elevate some sources or pressures over the clear gospel message. Westerners may even think they know better than some on-the-ground who have taken Jesus' words to heart.

Start with a baby issue, compared to martyrdom. Have you ever, for example, been in a public place and been embarrassed to associate with someone or an institution? What is that like?

Suppose you are attending a reunion of some sort, and most of the classmates are very successful. And all you do is work from the home or have a job that is not too prestigious. You are tempted, aren't you, to be vague ("I'm a free-lancer or self-employed"), or to overstate and blur what you do. Why? Because you don't want to acknowledge that everyone else is better or more successful. Or if everyone else attended an elite school, and you didn't, or if most people drive great cars and you drive a clunker . . . we seldom like to advertise anything except prize-winning success.

A person can be embarrassed to stand with Christ. You may feel sheepish to admit that he is Lord and that you depend on him. 

Have you ever stopped to ask why it is that we are often kowtowed and afraid to be public about our faith? Here are some possible reasons: Continue at PlaceforTruth.org

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Posted May 29, 2014 @ 3:43 PM by Robert Brady

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