No Falling Word - Liam Goligher of Tenth Church

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You slip into your car, turn on the ignition, and soon slide your fingers over the radio dial, spinning it till something catches your ear and makes you pause. Maybe it's a preacher. Sermons on the radio are about as close to street preaching as you come. They allow people to stumble upon them, listen unobserved, and perhaps find their hearts drawn to the Word of God.

Desiring to reach beyond their walls, Tenth Church has begun broadcasting Dr. Liam Goligher's sermons on WNTP (990 AM). The program, No Falling Word, airs Sundays from 8:30-9:00 AM and is produced by the Alliance. The Alliance is making past shows available on the program's webpage and will soon offer them via iTunes as well.

WNTP is a talk radio station. Tenth chose it because Arbitron studies show that despite rapidly changing media, adults aged 30-65 continue to rely on the radio for news. Talk radio continues to thrive.

To fit Liam's sermons in the half-hour slot, the Alliance staff splits them into two segments to be aired consecutive weeks. The first thing listeners hear is Liam mid-sermon making  a crucial point against the background of surging music. Then the announcer cuts in: "You are listening to No Falling Word with Liam Goligher" and gives a quick synopsis of the sermon that follows. The broadcast is kicking off with the series "Tempted: Adam, Jesus, and Me" which Liam preached Sunday evenings last spring.

The program's title comes from 1 Samuel 3:19 where the writer, having told how God called Samuel as a prophet, notes "the Lord was with him and let none of his words fall to the ground." God himself undergirds the preaching of his word: there are no falling words.
Posted March 18, 2014 @ 7:23 AM by Robert Brady

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