A New Reformed Chickliterista?

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For those who think that the world of Reformed chick lit is by and large dominated by very nicemachine gun woman.jpg ladies who write poetry (sort of), love children and have sweet thoughts about everything from cooking to husbands (the present Mrs T particularly struggles with that aspect of the genre), we know that our own Aimee Byrd is something of an aberration.  But she is apparently not alone.   Ref21 is happy to announce the winner of this week's Reformed Chickliterista with Attitude Award. She is Amanda, who calls Lent as she (and we) sees it. Thanks to talent scout, Rich Barcellos, for bringing this lady to our attention.  And we hope we never bump into her in a dark alley, late on a Sunday night when she has just heard a bad sermon.
Posted March 7, 2014 @ 6:43 AM by Carl Trueman

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