All that Grace Does!

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This coming Monday evening, June 17, we begin our pre- PCA General Assembly conference, hosted at Second Presbyterian Church of Greenville by the Gospel Reformation Network.  The conference is titled, "What Grace Does."  Too often today, salvation is preached as if it consists only of justification through faith alone.  Thank God for the good news of justification!  But we must also proclaim and enter into all of  the good news of what grace does.  Our conference will celebrate how grace regenerates, liberates, recreates, and consummates those who are brought into union with Christ through faith.  If you are in Greenville for the PCA General Assembly, I hope you will join us for worship and God's Word, Monday evening at 7 pm.

We are looking forward to a good turnout to hear Dr. Harry Reeder on Monday evening, along with Ligon Duncan, Al Baker, and me on Tuesday, in addition to our seminar speakers.  What a great need there in our generation for churches to proclaim the fullness of what grace does.  I hope you will join us and that will pray for this important pre-assembly event in Greenville.

For more information, please visit our conference website, as well as this video that explains the purpose of the conference.
Posted June 13, 2013 @ 11:02 AM by Rick Phillips

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