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It has been enjoyable to sit on the sidelines this week and watch the theological world go by.     The battle between the Pope of Ealing, Ol' Loony Toons and the Man with Steel Underpants is proving entertaining; and the latter has responded over at the Meet the Morbidly Introspective Legalists blog. 

Regarding Rick's clash over sanctification, one can only observe that, once again, the elephant in the room is the Silence of the Statesmen.   It seems that, unlike complementarianism, sanctification and Christian holiness are not gospel distinctives after all.   I would be tempted to panic at this point, but Dan Phillips assures me once again that the Top Men are surely handling it behind the scenes and I should mind my own business.  So I shall.

Now, as a thoroughgoing introspective legalist with no real connection to confessional Christianity and no knowledge of the development of theology in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, I am off to improve my baptism in order to prepare for the Lord's Supper this Sunday (Questions 167 and 171, but you have to guess the document yourselves).

Posted December 6, 2012 @ 5:26 PM by Carl Trueman

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