5 not so great things about America

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Fearing being tarred with the Levy brush and seeing potential preaching tours to the US disappear I see Jeremy has distanced himself from my observations before even hearing them. In the true spirit of Ref 21 whose strapline reads 'encouraging biblical thinking, living, worship, ministry and constructive cultural engagement' I offer 5 things not so great about America

1. Robed Choirs - Everybody loves them over there but there are few things funnier than men wandering round in those gowns. It makes no sense to me. I cannot comprehend why anyone would willingly choose to wear them.

2. Cushions on the bed - People were so kind and hospitable and they couldn't be warmer in their welcome. The only thing I can possibly complain about is the amount of cushions you find on your bed. By the time you've moved them off the bed it's nearly time to get up! I nearly put my back out a couple of times lifting them off.

3. Salads - Every restaurant you go to they'd try and flog you salad, with the most incredible amount of dressing. When I was growing up salad came out once or twice a year and even then it was too often.

4. Mortgages - Pretty much every church I went to was mortgaged up to the ears. Our congregation here in the past has taken out a loan but I was amazed at the extent of borrowing that congregations have allowed themselves to have.

5. Phd's and Dmins - They love a Phd in US. I have a rightful inferiority complex when it comes to academic achievement but one of the things this trip convinced me of is a Phd or a Dmin is no guarantee that you can handle the Bible or that you are that bright.
Posted November 23, 2012 @ 5:51 AM by Paul Levy

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