Free Resource: For Whom Would You Vote?

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As the media has made us all aware, election day is fast approaching.
As the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals exists to foster a Reformed awakening, we want to offer a free resource to help voters to think biblically about their responsibility. In his helpful booklet, "For Whom Would You Vote?," Dr. Roy Blackwood argues that the checkered history of both good and bad Jewish kings teaches us to be discerning of the character (the just-ness or "righteousness") of those who rule over us. Click here to get your free copy. The discount is taken at checkout.
Dr. Blackwood was a founder of the Alliance Reformation Societies, learn more at,,PTID307086_CHID615424_CIID,00.html.
Posted October 26, 2012 @ 2:49 PM by Robert Brady

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