An Occasional Series on Narrative Ethics 1: Courtship and Marriage

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Given the ethical confusion that afflicts the modern world and, indeed, the church, I have been asked to start an occasional series on ethics as communicated through narrative.  In light of recent events, we start with courtship and marriage and hope that this brief playlet will clarify the relationship between the two for any who are confused.

The Scene: Inside the Trueman house (think Downton Abbey without either domestic servants, implausible plots or Shirley Maclaine).   Mr and Mrs T are sitting by the fireside.  Somewhere in the distance, a kettle sings.

Mr T (for it is me) puts down his newspaper and chews wistfully on his pipe.  "I say, darling, would you find it terribly inconvenient if I was, you know, sort of engaged to some other, younger woman while still legally spliced in the old bonds of matrimony to your good self?"

The present Mrs T (for it is she) puts down her embroidery: "Frightfully inconvenient, darling.  Now do go and make the tea."

Mr T: "Oh, good show!  Shall I be mother?"
Posted October 24, 2012 @ 5:39 PM by Carl Trueman

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