Slugging it out over baptism

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In April 2010 Martin Salter wrote an article in Themelios ''Does Baptism Replace Circumcision? An Examination of the Relationship between Circumcision and Baptism in Colossians 2:11-12'' . At the Carey Conference in January 2012 Salter gave a similar paper (see here) , John Benton reported in February EN that Salter had delivered his material and 'With humour and theological precision he tackled the matter of baptism and the covenants in Scripture and struck a heavy blow for believers' baptism being the onlyway to hold a coherent covenant theology, rooted in the bible.' You can't beat delivering a heavy blow for believers baptism at a Baptist ministers conference.

Anyway Salter's article is important and worth reading but David Gibson has responded in the current edition of Themelios 'Sacramental Supersessionism Revisited: A Response to Martin Salter on the Relationship Between Circumcision and Baptism'. I suspect a knockout blow (Salter does give a response on his way down to the canvas).
Posted August 8, 2012 @ 3:07 AM by Paul Levy

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