Tour de Jones

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I will certainly be responding to the Graham Harrison review which seems to confirm I am about as welcome these days in Wales as I am in Illinois. As the Emperor Gaius once declared, Let them hate me etc. etc.   It is great to see that 'scholastic Reformed Orthodoxy' is still a pejorative term out there -- all the work of the last twenty years has been utterly in vain; and I am (still) puzzled about this move that MLJ makes from Presbyterianism to Independency which reveals his strong ecclesiology: when exactly was the date when he asked the denomination to be erase his name from the list of accredited Welsh Presbyterian ministers?

Does a great man really need to be defended to the death on almost every single point?   That is surely no sign of greatness.   

But more important matters must come first -- July is Tour de France month. For the next few weeks, I have more pressing things to occupy my time.
Posted July 5, 2012 @ 3:56 PM by Carl Trueman

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