'My name is Michael Cain, not a lot of people know that'

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When I was a young Christian I was given the advice of reading an evangelistic book regularly. It's good for the soul and I think one of the benefits is it keeps reminding you of the simplicity of the gospel that at times, in my preaching, I somehow manage to complicate.  I've recently read Real Life Jesus by Mike Cain. Growing up he was one of my heroes. It's incredible; I've admired his work for years and his performance in Zulu and Italian Job are masterful, Citizen Kane is regarded as one of the great films of our age and to find that he'd written an evangelistic book was a great joy.
In reality he's the minister of Emmanuel Church, Bristol and is one of the stellar mission speakers in the UK.
The book is based in John's gospel and is a masterful, accessible exposition. It's clear and  well applied. If you are a Christian it makes you very glad you are one. If you're not a Christian I think it's coherent, jargon free and presents the challenge of Christ powerfully. Buy it, read it, give it away.
Mike Cain recently led the Oxford University mission with Tim Keller. You can listen to the talks here. I listened to the first one and it made me want to believe all over again. Don't you just love it when that happens?
Posted March 23, 2012 @ 3:38 AM by Paul Levy

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