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Thanks to a well-wisher for bringing this article to my attention.  Well worth a read and I assume the follow-ups will be too.

Multi-site represents yet another aspect of the undoing of the Reformation -- perhaps one of the most dangerous because one of the most subtle.  To me it looks like a strange mixture of the medieval fetish of the charismatic leader (now with proximity being by technology as opposed to being by cadaver), the convenience-shapes-everything ethic of gospel consumerism and the odd church empire building that is such a part of American evangelicalism these days.  But hey, I've said all this before.  Read the article to hear a critical take from somebody different (though it is just slightly ironic that the author is `Director of Internet Ministry' -- but nobody's perfect).

Posted January 5, 2012 @ 8:20 AM by Carl Trueman
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