Two Disclaimers and Bad News for Adrian

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Two disclaimers:

First, I was only the keyboard player and we never produced singles, only albums.  That limits my celebrity.

Second, local Christian bookshops were swamped this morning by people returning their copies of the Shorter Catechism amidst rumours that, if you teach your daughters the Catechism, they are placed in serious danger of marrying somebody like Paul Levy.   Ref21 wishes to stress that many people who have learned the Catechism have, on the contrary, gone on to make very sensible choices in life partner.  There is no scientific evidence to connect learning the Catechism with marriage to Levy.

Now, bad news for Adrian `Lego' Reynolds.  His favourite outreach/catechetical tool has been banned by US sales giant, Sam's Club.  Ref21 was unable to reach Adrian at his home but sources close to the Proclamation Trust say he is `devastated', sees this as the start of the great end-time Tribulation and is, as we write, even now organising an `Occupy Legoland' protest.

Posted December 1, 2011 @ 8:18 AM by Carl Trueman

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