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I'm relearning the Westminster Shorter Catechism. How on earth people learnt the Heidelberg is beyond me. It may be warmer but give me the Westminster any day. It's built for speed and memorability!
Alongside I'm reading through Thomas Watson 'A Body of Divinity' . I'd forgotten just how very good it is. I think that it was the first book that the Banner of Truth published.
On question 2  - What rule hath God given to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy Him? -  he is particularly helpful....
'The Scripture appears to be the Word of God, by the matter contained in it. The mystery of Scripture is so abtruse and profound that no man or angel could have known it, had it not been divinely revealed. That eternity should be born; that he who thunders in the heavens should cry in the cradle; that he who rules the stars shold suck the breasts; that the Prince of Life should die; that the Lord of Glory should be put to shame; that sin should be punished to the full, yet pardoned to the full; who could have concieved of such a mystery, had not the Scripture revealed it to us?'' (page 27)
His headings on use 3 of Scripture (p34-38) are an exhortation to....
Study it
Prize it
Love it
Conform to it
Contend for it
Be thankful for it
Adore God for it
He also gives Rob Bell a good going over (p61-65)
Terrific stuff

Posted July 9, 2011 @ 6:47 AM by Paul Levy

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