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In preparing for Sunday I got somehow distracted and found myself reading a 
Discussion Between Dr. E.V. Rieu and the Rev. J.B. Phillips

Rieu translated Homer's Odyssey and Iliad from the Greek for Penguin Books and they approached him to translate the gospels. It was through this translation Rieu came to know the Lord.

It's a fascinating exchange, I particularly like Rieu's son's remark when he heard about the project:
''"It will be very interesting to see what Father makes of the Gospels. It'll be still more interesting to see what the Gospels make of Father."
The exchange is fascinating. They talk about their techniques of translation; I don't agree with some of their conclusions but I love their enthusiasm for the Bible.
Rieu's conclusion is nothing short of magnificent Speaking of what translating the gospels did to him he says...
'It changed me. My work changed me. And I came to the conclusion, as I said, I think, in my Introduction, that these works bear the seal of the Son of Man and God. And they are the Magna Carta of the human spirit.''

Posted July 11, 2011 @ 6:53 AM by Paul Levy

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