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Multi site and the Lord's supper?

Article by   July 2011
I've never been to a multi site church, I'm not really sure what one is. In fact as I think about it  apart from a couple of conferences I've never been in a congregation of over a 1000 people. I think I... continue

WSC and Thomas Watson

Article by   July 2011
I'm relearning the Westminster Shorter Catechism. How on earth people learnt the Heidelberg is beyond me. It may be warmer but give me the Westminster any day. It's built for speed and memorability!   Alongside I'm reading through Thomas Watson 'A... continue

On the multiplication of extra meetings...

Article by   July 2011
Clearly, Levy is a man of poor discernment (see the video tour of his library below).  But now that I am on the topic of libraries, my recent move has required that I re-shelve my books. It is surprising what... continue

T4G's latest study tour!!!

Article by   July 2011
Carl and I are really pleased to present the latest T4G pastor's library tour. Apologies for the shaky camera work and the abrupt ending but I think you'll get the jist. Please make sure you watch the videos in order... continue


Article by   July 2011
Having been silent for a while (a move to South Carolina, "God's Country" as it is known in these parts, rendered me comatose for a season) I have been reflecting on the issue of rebellion against authority. I am,... continue
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