Sinclair on unction

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There's a fascinating point 20 mins in to the Sinclair interview where David Meredith asks him about unction in preaching. Unction is like a wet bar of soap when people try to define it, growing up in Wales there were lots who claimed it but not many who demonstrated it! Sinclair has some interesting points to make. He's particularly helpful on the distinction between teaching and preaching.  The question is often asked, is there a distinction between small groups and preaching, 121's and preaching?  I find these kind of comments remarkable in that anyone who has to endure small groups I'm sure would be willing to admit there's a difference.
I heard Carl speak on proclamation and preaching which was helpful on this, someone will dig up the recording I'm sure.
Posted June 9, 2011 @ 2:45 PM by Paul Levy

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