Schaeffer and the VIP's

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Not wishing to interrupt Carl and Thabiti - 'Hear no evil and See no evil'. I remember reading this about Schaeffer and VIP treatment

On another but related note our congregation is about to be launch out on a building project  and so we need to raise some money. Our church was planted out of the work done by L'Abri and Francis Schaeffer was a regular visitor even ordaining the first elders. In the attic of the home where the church was planted, there is a suitcase which belonged to Francis Schaeffer. Obviously this would have enormous value to the kind of people that put VIP signs out at conferences. We would be willing to part with the case for a significant donation to the building project. Any takers?

I also want to assure Carl that the next time he comes to preach he will be treated in the usual disdainful way that I've always treated him. There are no VIP's.
Posted April 21, 2011 @ 7:44 AM by Paul Levy

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