Apologies and Kuyper on the incarnation

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First of all sincerest apologies to my American friends (all 3 of them) for misplacing Jackson, unforgivable really. For the two readers who've anonymously sent me 'Improve your punctuation and grammar' and 'Essential English', perhaps an American atlas is in order for Christmas.
Secondly,  As for the days in the band they were the glory days, admittedly my performance was for pure effect not unlike my presence on the Ref 21. My preaching style though is somewhat similar to my performance in the video. As I'm banned from youtube at the moment I will respond to Mr Trueman in due course.
Anyway chew on this............
'His self emptying was not a single loss or bereavement, but a growing poorer and poorer, until at last nothing was left Him  but a piece of ground where He could weep and a cross whereon He could die. He renounced all that heart and flesh hold dear, until, without friend or brother, without one tone of love, amid the mocking laughter of His slanderers, He gave up the ghost'
Abraham Kuyper, The work of the Holy Spirit
Posted December 18, 2010 @ 5:36 PM by Paul Levy

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