Lausanne III, women preachers and the road to nowhere!

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I suspect the organisers of Lausanne would have no such  problems with women bishops!

The conspiracy of silence on Ruth Padilla's exposition on Ephesians 2 at Lausanne is deafening.  As far as I can see Eph 2 is not hard to apply.  In fact, I would say it is a model on how the epistles of Paul work. The main points are easy to spot and the logic in the argument is crystal clear. I would expect a teenager brought up in the church to be able to divide it up and show you its clear teaching. So I think the question you've got to ask after watching Ruth Padilla's exposition is: what on earth is she going on about? In  28 heavily scripted minutes, there is no mention of the wrath of God, no mention of our terrible plight outside of Christ, and vv 1-3 are skimmed over in the most superficial manner. Even so, there was (of course) time for applications on feminism, human rights, and mutual submission, I was just amazed as I listened.

It will be no surprise that I do not agree with women preaching. I think Scripture is crystal clear on this matter.  More worrying: the next step after allowing women preaching is the legitimacy of homosexuality.  OK, you can argue about that as theory; but, in practice, if you look at the established church here in the UK, the progression is as clear as the nose on your face. So why did the leaders of Lausanne chose to allow women preachers?  It really looks like a mere sop to the wider evangelical movement. I fear Lausanne, in the words of Talking Heads, is on the road to nowhere.

I am sure there were lots of good things about Lausanne.  It is a brilliant thing to have 4000 Christians gather together.  Of course that's going to be encouraging, but the wider long term legacy is debatable. Oh, I nearly forgot: there is a declaration!!! 
It seems from scripture and recent church history that the women preaching issue is not a side issue and it is not something that we should stay quiet about. It is sad that Lausanne III might well prove to be part of the problem, rather than the solution.

I should also say Vaughan Roberts and John Piper give excellent model expositions which can be seen here and here

Posted November 9, 2010 @ 8:34 AM by Paul Levy

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