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I Blame Jefferson

Article by   November 2010
A Dissenting Voice on Lausanne IIIThomas Jefferson was no orthodox Christian but I have a deep suspicion that he should take significant responsibility for one of the greatest myths that currently dogs the church in the modern world.   In... continue

More on Ray Galea and Catholicism

Article by   November 2010
To follow up on my previous post I found an excellent interview with Ray Galea on Catholicism here.... continue

Anglicanism and Its Historical Identity

Article by   November 2010
One of the odd things I have noticed in recent years is the historical isolationism of certain streams of Anglican evangelicalism.   It manifests itself in a number of ways: a disparagement of the Book of Common Prayer; the downplaying... continue

God is enough and massive sermon commentaries

Article by   November 2010
This academic year we've started a book of the month at our church. Each month we buy a load of copies, sell them off cheap, then meet up for breakfast on a Saturday to discuss. If truth be told the... continue

Bishop causes outrage...

Article by   November 2010
So runs today's headline in the London Times following a statement by an evangelical bishop in the Church of England. Bishop Wallace Benn, the Bishop of Lewes, told the Reform conference of conservative Anglicans: "I'm about to use an analogy... continue

GT on the Glory of the Cross

Article by   November 2010
Geoff Thomas is the Don Corleone of Welsh ministers. He's been the minister of Alfred Place Baptist Church for over 40 years  (still no festschrift!!). He's a legend in his own lifetime and has written the below postscript for a book by... continue

Protestant Amnesia

Article by   November 2010
Over at the webpage, Called to Communion, Catholic convert from Protestantism, Bryan Cross, has written a a very kind and thought provoking assessment of my comments on Roman Catholicism over recent years.   Bryan picks up on a point I... continue

Republocrat Redux (or part two of the conversation)

Article by   November 2010
Well, first I must apologize for dereliction of duty. Not only have I failed to be a good conversation partner, but I failed to wish Dr. Thomas well on his journey to the land where the ideas of Dr. Trueman's... continue
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