"Our Great God and Saviour" - part two - The Salvation of God

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Alliance Council member Eric Alexander's new book from The Banner of Truth Trust, Our Great God and Saviour, continues into a second section titled "The Salvation of God." Its messages include "Regeneration: Beginning with God" (John 3), "Justification: The Glorious Good News of Grace" (Gal 2:15-21), "Substitution" (Isa 52:13-53:12), Sanctification: Changed from Glory into Glory" (2 Cor 3:18), "The Security of the Believer" (John 10:14-30), and Glorification: Attaining the Goal" (Rom 8).

From the section titled "Regeneration: Beginning with God" (John 3) Rev. Alexander reminds us "The kingdom of God is the sphere in which God brings rebel sinners into subjection to [H]is gracious rule and authority. It is the realm in which God's grace is to be tested and experienced. To 'see' the kingdom is to grasp or understand it, to have the glory and wonder of it dawn upon us. But this will never dawn upon a man until he has been born again. Similarly, the 'enter' the kingdom of God means to experience the blessings of the kingdom, to be admitted to its privileges and joys both present and future. But apart from the new birth, says Jesus, we shall never experience any of these joys. This is an unchanging necessity because it deals with these unchanging laws of God's kingdom."

Eric finishes that section with "What should this doctrine of regeneration do for us, then? There are at least four things: It should thrill our souls with a new sense of worship as we observe the sheer miracle that God ahs performed in us in this regenerating grace. IT should enlarge our understanding of what it means to be redeemed. It should drive us to God in a new way for those who are yet without eternal life, recognizing that it is [H]e and [H]e alone who can bring this life to men and women. It should bow us down before [H]im in wonder that the God of all the ages, Creator of the universe, should apply such mighty works of power to the souls of men and women, in order to raise us into new life, and to conform us to the beautiful image of [H]is son."


Order and support the ministry of the Alliance -- Our Great God and Saviour by Eric Alexander from The Banner of Truth Trust.

Posted August 4, 2010 @ 10:55 AM by Robert Brady

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