A sad state, but a place for Jake?

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A visit to Alliance Board member Doug Roossien's home town of Grand Rapids provided an opportunity to see a few announcements in the local paper. While you are likely to find these in many newspapers, one would have had hope Grand Rapids could have held out.


First, under the category of "Independent Liberal" a group states "We seek to realize the God within, between and beyond in every dimension of our lives. We are a progressive spiritual community committed to the human journey; to love more deeply and to live more meaningfully." And they offer both "contemplative" and "progressive gatherings," whatever those are! So it's no doubt they are "A community celebrating people of all religions, ethnicities, ages, genders & sexual orientations."


It is no surprise that groups like this exist. It is a sad state that they are in force in mid-west America. And sadder still that the local paper would list them as "Community Churches."


One other entry caught my eye. It promotes itself as practicing "progressive Christianity, sprit-filled worship, and pet-friendly."  Had they not been in the post denominational category, I might have suggested it be a place for Jake (Thomas) to visit. But even Jake could not stand it, I am sure! Let's pray that God does not allow First Presb Jackson might move to a pet-friendly community, despite Derek's best friend!

Posted August 19, 2010 @ 7:35 AM by Robert Brady

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