Summer Reading (with the children)

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The Church History ABCs by Stephen Nichols & Ned Bustard (Crossway, 2010)


nichols.jpgDelightfully produced, hilariously illustrated, the Church History ABCs captures the imagination by introducing children to 26 characters from church history, from Augustine to Zwingli.

Bunyan was asked for a blurb (he doesn't appear in the book -- B stands for Anne Bradstreet) by saying, "This is a great book ...except that they didn't include me." Similar comments are given by C. S. Lewis (about the absence of Athanasius), and George Whitefield apparently liked the book but couldn't find his name. I received a note from Martyn Lloyd-Jones, who wrote that he'd have been happy being inserted under either L or J. And Carl Trueman commented that Tertullian was a dead theologian and he is still alive.

This should be in every home. Since I'm off to see my four-year old granddaughter this weekend, I'm taking a copy along.


Posted July 27, 2010 @ 5:33 PM by Derek Thomas
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