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I have just been preaching at the Longhorsley Bible Convention in Northumbria (2-4 July 2010). This was my second visit to the convention, and my fellow-labourer in the preaching ministry was Dr Peter Naylor, minister with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Cardiff. The convention is always held on the first weekend of July, and is sponsored by Lonhorsley Mission Church, and independent evangelical fellowship that seeks to maintain a Gospel witness in rural Northumbria. For years the convention met in Longhorsley, with the conference held in a marquee; some years ago it was displaced to the Memorial Hall in Longframlington, and this has proved a most suitable venue.


Around 150-200 people attended the sessions; I spoke on three books the believer is always reading - the Scriptures, the book of Providence, and the book of the heart. Peter spoke on the Book of Ruth. The themes dovetailed beautifully, and the fellowship was sweet.


Such gatherings do much to encourage me. They cut across denominational ties; they provide opportunity to hear other preachers, and they remind me that God has his praying people everywhere. What a glorious message we have, and how precious are these moments when we can be refreshed in one another's fellowship and under the ministry of the Word. May such occasions equip us and strengthen us to return to our own places to play our part in fulfilling the great commission; and may they bring glory to God by proving to be seasons of blessings, revival and encouragement.

Posted July 7, 2010 @ 3:15 PM by Iain D Campbell

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